How to Make Your WordPress Site Mobile Responsive

MancyXpress Premium Design - Mobile

This is the very first tutorial that we'll discuss and it's about making your website mobile responsive. As you already know, most of the people nowadays use smartphones to browse their favorite websites or even apps, so that is why building a website with mobile compatibility was in demand. It has really advantage to make your website mobile … [Read more...]

Why a Freelancer must have a Portfolio?


Well, it is very important that the freelancer must have their own portfolio to show on their potential clients. This will indicate how you good you are and/or how you fit to the client's needs. Before the client decide to hire you, they want to see your samples or previous of work that you have made, so that the client feel assured that you can … [Read more...]

10 Methods to have a Good Skills in WordPress

10 Methods to have a Good Skills in WordPress

Because the levels of competition are growing rapidly within the online market, WordPress, using its recent releases has emerged like an effective Content Management Systems. The Wordpress functions and plugins implies its users to look over the blogging and gives reliable support in all areas of content management system. WordPress is … [Read more...]

Finding the right website design firm

Website style and web site layout are frequently elaborate procedures in which form a substantial business. A web site is a vital product for pretty much any advanced organization, and shifting the various paths inside the web site layout /development market happens to be a job creating or ruins your organization web-based achievement. Choosing … [Read more...]

Moderately detailed, high-quality web page design

A lot of businesses feel top-finish web page style and improvement expertise are usually normally advanced, highly-listed essentials. It becomes an typical opinion the particular secrets strongly related generate and also assistance solutions with regard to web sites a great internet-based-based retailers for reasons unknown qualify their … [Read more...]

WordPress has finally released version 3.3(Sonny)

The most recent and finest release within the WordPress software - 3.3, named “Sonny” in recognition with the excellent jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt - is immediately developed intended for download as well as upgrade within your current WordPress dashboard. WordPress offers acquired above sixty 5 million downloads given that edition 3. has been … [Read more...]